Thursday, February 13, 2014


I got this email last night and I am excited to share that Congress is putting local small business needs at the front of their plate! 

Read this share and contact your congressman today! 

"Good Evening,

I wanted to make you aware that Congress is listening to small business owners and supporters. 

A hearing has been scheduled in DC to further examine the need to protect small business and level the playing field.

Please let me know if you would like to send a letter, make a call, or contact our Texas delegation to STAND WITH SMALL BUSINESS!

Also, please forward this to your fellow small business owners in your community.

Look forward to hearing from you."

Luke Legate
(512) 775-9400;

Online Sales Tax Hearing Expected By Early March  

POLITICO's Morning Tax:
By Lauren French

"ONLINE SALES TAX HEARING EXPECTED BY EARLY MARCH. House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte is expected to hold a hearing on online sales tax legislation by the end of February or early March, a person working closely on the issue told Morning Tax. This hearing has been hotly-anticipated for both supporters and opponents of the effort to give states the ability to collect sales taxes from out-of-state online retailers. Still no word on when a House-authored bill could be introduced (Rep. Jason Chaffetz told Morning Tax he is working on language) but we hear that Goodlatte wants some sort of paper before the hearing. The source working closely on the issue said any new legislation could run into issues when trying to comply with the each of the seven principals Goodlatte outlined last year. “Some of the principals are kind of contradictory when you start breaking them down in practice,” they said, noting specifically the goal to give increased authority and regulatory power to the states while also keeping sales tax collection simple for small businesses."